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Best Hair care tips for you this Holi

Holi, the joyous Indian festival of colors is approaching, and there is no reason to stay calm! Preparations for the festival have begun in nearly every household already. From scrumptious delicacies like gujia, papad malpua etc. to storing up on colors, the Holi fever will take us all over in no time.  

However, amidst the whole fun and frolic, we often forget about appropriate skin and hair care measures as a shield against Holi's potentially harmful colors. But you need not worry as we have compiled all the essential hair care tips for Holi that you need to follow for correcting undesirable hair conditions that might emerge after playing Holi. 

Pre Holi-Hair Care Tips  

Wondering how to take care of your hair this Holi? Fret not! Here are some haircare tips for Holi in 2021 that you should not miss: 

#Tip 1: Remove your hair's split ends 

While you prepare your hair to withstand Holi's colors, cut away the split ends. Artificial colors can leave your hair drier, resulting in many split ends that will impede your hair's growth. So, before you begin your celebrations, it's better to get rid of the split ends.

# Tip 2: Wash your hair  

Make sure that you wash and condition your hair the night before the Holi celebration. Before going out to play you can use a leave-in conditioner. 

 #Tip 3: Deep massage with oil 

Holi colors might end up causing a lot of harm to our hair and it is important before you head out to play Holi that you oil them. Be it coconut oil, olive oil or any of the oils that you usually use, oil may mitigate the impact of additives in color by covering your hair with a protective layer. Oiling your hair will not only act as a protective shield but will also make it easier for you to wash your mane to remove all the colors.  

Try not to leave your hair open and tie them in a bun or braid in order to prevent maximum damage. Letting your hair remain a dry and damaged mane is strict a no-no, and the fundamental remedies explained above are the best tips to care for your hair before you play Holi. 

Furthermore, oiling your hair will prevent the penetration of colors into the hair shaft as you wash them off. Deeply massage your scalp thoroughly with coconut or olive oil to create a protective layer before you step out and play.  

#Tip 4: Use a Hair cover 

You must cover your hair after you have finished oiling it. A hat, scarf or a bandana is the safest way to do it. Don't leave your hair loose; instead shape it into a bun or have a tight ponytail. It covers your scalp and doesn't readily absorb color, providing an extra layer of protection to your oiled hair. 


Post Holi Haircare tips 

If you seek to prevent your hair from getting damaged this Holi, not only should you invest in some thorough pre-Holi protective measures, but post Holi measures as well. Here are some of them: 

# Tip 1: Comb your hair  

Make sure you comb your hair properly before washing your hair after playing Holi. Combing helps you get rid of colors that have dried and have gotten stuck as flakes to the shaft and scalp. 

#Tip 2: A thorough Hair Wash 

Rinse your hair with sufficient cold water so that most of the color is washed off. Then, using your fingers, use a gentle herbal shampoo to wash the colors off the scalp. Use a deep conditioner and scrub properly. You can use a serum in the end if you so wish.  

#Tip 3: Hair Mask 

Your hair requires additional nutrients after Holi. After 2 to 3 days, apply hair mask to cure color loss. Lemon, eggs, yogurt and amla are several things that you can add to your hair mask. You may also decide to treat yourself to a hair spa at home to restore your hair's moisture.  

#Tip 4: Get a Haircut 

Your hair's growth can be damaged by colors. You may choose to trim the hair's ends and get a healthy growth or just get a new haircut altogether. This depends, however, on hairstyle too. There's no point trimming your hair too short if it is already short to begin with.  

# Tip 5: Use homemade remedies 

The use of natural home-based remedies is a common method for hair care after Holi. You have to do it all:  oiling your hair before any shower, preventing unnecessary hair styling or using homemade masks. Ideally, you must use natural home-made massages to help your hair recover good strength and shine right back after Holi. An egg, honey and yoghurt mask is one of the best hair masks for curing your dry hair. To produce a rich creamy consistency, mix one well-beaten egg with a 1 tablespoon of honey and 2 tablespoons of yogurt. Apply the mixture well to your scalp and hair, leave on for nearly half an hour and rinse.  

To Conclude: 

Unless you take the necessary precautions, your hair might take a long time to completely recover from the ravages of Holi's colors. The colors strip the hair off its natural oils, making it frizzier, thereby taking a longer time for restoring its former luster and shape. The first thing you should do after playing Holi is to wash your hair off with a mild shampoo and a conditioner. This would allow your hair to breathe as well as restoring its natural oil reserves. A high-quality hair mask with a super creamy texture and hydrating properties can also reverse all possible damage.