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Why is it important to Apply Conditioner after using Shampoo? 

It is said that, “Love is in the hair, let it down and just have fun!” But is that so simple? 

How many times have your salon specialists given you a hard time by constantly nagging about the quality of your hair? Or how many times have you heard people saying that you need to start using conditioner after every head wash? Probably a million times. But this has to end now!  

Did you know that a conditioner actually nurtures your hair strands by hydrating it and providing it the care it needs? People, especially women often feel that they can avoid adding a conditioner in their hair care product just because they have thick or thin hair. Well, it's clearly a myth. Using a conditioner regularly and correctly can minimize the risk of excessive hair fall, add shines to your strands and lets you fall head over heels for your hair.  


But what exactly is a conditioner? 

According to the technical experts, a conditioner is supposed to be a mask-like creamy hair care product. It is often used to improve and rejuvenate the texture of your hair strands. A quality conditioner works by hydrating, replenishing, and softening your strands for your picture-perfect hair. The best part of using a conditioner is that you can easily brush off your beautiful long hair post your hair wash. It means that you won’t have to wrestle with your hair again. Woah! That’s really awesome!  

In fact, according to dermatologists, every single time when you use a conditioner, there is a layer that is formed along your hair shaft. This makes it easier for you to style them better without hurting your strands. You’ll be surprised to know that it’s the conditioner that brings out the shine in your hair after every wash.  

A recent survey confirmed that Dermatologists often encounter questions from their patients, even colleagues who want to know that how can they keep their hair clean, healthy, beautiful and long naturally. We all think that shampoo will serve this purpose, but is that enough? No, the general rule of thumb says that shampoo is for cleaning your scalp while a conditioner is used to prolong its shine.  

Anyway, here are some mind-blowing benefits of using a conditioner after every wash. So here we go! 

  • Combats towel damage 

We all have gone through that depressing phase when everything in the world fades off and all that matters is your broken strands in your shower or on your towel. Right? Yes, that happens! 

When you get out of your shower after a long head wash, your hair is at its most vulnerable stage. And when you towel-dry your hair it might cause severe breakage or damage to your cuticles or strands. And that’s where a conditioner comes to your rescue. Using it after every wash can reduce this unnecessary breakage of your hair by hydrating and moisturizing it.   

  • Helps in repairing the damage 

When you step out of the house how do you plan to save your hair strands and follicles from the dust, pollution, and smoke out there? Just get one thing straight, your beloved locks need to be protected. And that’s where a conditioner can help you. Its repairing and anti-damaging formula can help you rejuvenate your hair just the way you wanted it.   

Thus, it is recommended that one must consider to revamp their hair care routine with organic conditioners or hair care products that are combined with special Vitamins or Nutrients that can repair your damaged hair instantly. 

  • Conditioner helps you get frizz-free, shiny, untangled hair instantly after every wash 

As discussed earlier, a conditioner can help you bag your hair goals. So, if you are fed up with rough, dry, or tangled hair, start using conditioner to combat these problems.   

Here are some important steps for you need to follow while using a conditioner on your pretty locks:  

  1. Wash your hair with Good Hair Ayurvedic shampoo.  
  2. Squirt a fair amount of conditioner and massage it on your locks; avoiding the scalp. 
  3. Wait for at least 3 minutes. 
  4. Rinse your hair with lukewarm water. 

These are some basic steps for you to follow to attain healthy hair. The answer to the question “When should you apply the conditioner”  

The last word is, 

Everybody is different and reacts differently to every remedy. Using a conditioner is the one thing that suits all hair types. Remember, you can’t fight your hair damage along with a shampoo.  

Find what type of conditioner will suit your hair, and watch the magic for yourself!