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What causes split ends? How to deal with them?

Having hair with split ends is the fear of everyone who wants to keep their hair healthy. There are various treatments to help close them once they have been opened, but the best solution is always to prevent and know why they appear to anticipate them.  

Split ends are making an appearance in your hair for various reasons, such as prolonged use of electrical appliances, dyes, brushing it carelessly splitting the hair, skipping the conditioner or cutting the ends, among other causes.  

Thus, if you want to forget, once and for all, this annoying problem and allow your hair to grow healthy and strong, point out the following solutions that will help you get rid of them.  

Why split ends are bad for your hair? 

Split ends can ruin even the most charming hairstyle, and make it look sloppy and neglected. There is nothing worse than looking closely at your hair and noticing that it is splitting at the ends. So, what causes them? They are the most common sign of visible damage and it happens to almost everyone, so we are going to discuss the reasons why the tips split and what you can do next. Because there is one good news, or several since there is more than one solution to treat the problem. 

Why is it important to cut split ends? 

It is the fastest and most radical method, but the most effective if you have split ends, especially so that the problem does not get worse and does not go up the strands of your hair. 

Types of split ends 

We show you types of split ends, their causes, and how you can do to get rid of them.  

Classic division 

It is the most common form and is very easy to detect. The same hair is divided into 2 sections due to dryness, damage or friction.  

Mini division 

This is how split ends begin, with a small bifurcation. If this is your case, do not let them pass! Prevention is better than cure, right? 

Triple division 

A 3-headed hair? I'm sure it has nothing to do with mythology. In fact, it means that the hair fiber is weakened, and it is time to act 


A fork is like a detour in the road. If your hair opens into 2 sections and after them new divisions emerge, this is your category. 

Incomplete division 

Does your hair fiber open forming a kind of hole and then rejoin? Perhaps your hair has been weakened at some specific point, but your ends did not get completely separated. The causes may be the use of inappropriate combs or too tight elastic bands.  

Long division 

This type of division is similar to the traditional one, but it occurs when the hair is parted long before reaching the ends. Those responsible could be the hair accessories and the different chemical treatments that you have undergone. 

White dots 

Do your tips have white dots? Maybe you've just abused the flat irons and dryers. Stay away from them! 

How to prevent split ends naturally? 

Once you've treated split ends, the next step is to prevent them from coming back. We all know that prevention is better than cure. Here we offer you three tips to keep split ends under control. Make periodic haircuts Undoubtedly you have already heard this, but it is really true that a periodic cut is one of the secrets to having healthy hair. When you cut your hair periodically, you remove the most damaged part, so split ends are reduced to a minimum.  

Try Ayurvedic Hair oil, Shampoo & Conditioner available at Good Hair, to protect and repair your hair. At Good Hair, we offer Clean, Premium Quality and Affordable products to help in reducing the likelihood of split ends.  

The natural herbs and essential oils give your hair the necessary dose of nutrition to help repair damage hair and make it look smoother and healthier overall. 

Time to say goodbye to split and brittle ends.