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What are the major reasons for hair fall?

To start with, some limited amount of hair fall is a natural thing to come across. Normally, a person looses some 80-100 hair strands everyday.  However, the problem occurs when the everyday amount of hair fall surpasses the natural percentage of hair fall. Well, there could be many reasons for the same. Hair fall is an issue which is being faced by many. It is somehow important for each of us to keep our hair strong and healthy.  

In this article, you will get to know about the major reasons of hair fall and how can you treat them.  

Causes for hair fall  

There are various factors for hair loss. Well, hair loss can either occur suddenly or graduallySome of the hair loss conditions are temporary and some are permanent. Well, it all depends on the actual cause. Have a look at the following. 

  • Deficiency of Vitamin D –Our hair is designed in a way carrying amino acids, proteins etc. Deficiency of vitamin D takes place when we tend not to take a balanced diet. This further causes the deficiency of vitamin D. It makes the strands weaker which gives way to an excessive amount of hair fall. Therefore, it is important for us to maintain a decent and healthful diet.  
  • Using excessive chemicals –In today’s times, there are many products in the market which claim to fight hair fall and make the hair strong. However, it may seem that these products are working and helping us to deal with this issue, but they actually give results on a temporary basis and in reality, make our hair weaker for the later times. Chemicals are definitely not something that can help you address your hair fall issues on a lasting basis. It would be better if you try to use gentle hair-care products which may contain less or zero amount of sulphate and parabens.  
  • Alopeciaareata– This condition is likely to emerge when the immune system of the body attacks the hair follicles. This causes loss of hair.  
  • Fungal infections –Any sort of fungal or bacterial infections can give way to the issue of hair fall. Infections on the scalp can sometimes lead to inflamed areas on the scalp.  

Some other reasons such as inadequate oiling, extreme levels of stress or any major illness can also give way to hair loss. Our scalp is indeed sensitive and it requires regular care. 

How do I stop my hair from falling out?   

There are some easy to-dos that you can follow in your daily lives to prevent excessive hair fall.  

  1. Try to use mild shampoo and conditioner that may work the best for your hair. 
  2. Do not keep your hair tied up for long hours. Just set them free for some good time.  
  3. Make sure to do regular oiling with your best-suited hair oil. A good 30 minutes massage is always helpful. 
  4. Avoid any chemical bleaching or treatment of your hair. 
  5. Try to include sufficient amount of vitamin A and vitamin D in your diet.  

Well, these are some of the usual treatments that can treat hair loss. If you follow some of these steps, you will easily be able to strengthen your hair and say goodbye to hair loss.  

Basically, the reasons for hair fall are almost the same in males and females, however, there may be some different reasons as well for hair loss among the two.  

Hormonal imbalances can lead to hair loss in femalesExcessive weight gain, night sweats, menstrual irregularities are some of the reasons for hair fall in women.  

You must have noticed a typical male pattern baldness. Well, the reason for this is genetics. Including all other reasons, this particular reason sets the explanation of hair fall in a man different from that of a woman.  

Many of us are extremely fond of our hair, and, want them to stay long, thick and strong. All we need to do is take good care of them and work towards protecting them.