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Tips on how to control hair fall during winters

Winter season is approaching and so is hair loss season. The dry air in atmosphere sucks all the moisture from your hair and makes your scalp dry. Dry scalp leads to dry hair, and dry hair results in excessive hair fall. However, the atmosphere alone cannot be blamed. The heating system of your home is equally responsible for winter hair shedding. Even many research confirms that people tend to experience heavy hair fall during winters as compared to summers.  

What can you do to prevent hair fall during winter season?

Dry scalp can also result in dandruff, which can be irritating and frustrating as well. During winter season it is recommended that one must not use excessive styling tools on your hair, since it can also lead to excessive hair fall. 

People with beautiful locks need to take extra care of their hair to sustain the beauty of your hair. Make sure that winter season doesn’t ruin your pretty locks. 


What can you do to prevent hair fall during winter season? 

If you’re experiencing excessive hair fall during winter season, there are plenty of things you can do to stop or deal with hair fall in the winter. One doesn’t get healthy and beautiful hair without putting in the necessary efforts to maintain and nurture them. It requires constant care, vigilance and adherence to a healthy lifestyle. 

winter season brings dryness and sucks the moisture from your hair

Regular oil massages 

      Since winter season brings dryness and sucks the moisture from your hair. Oil massages with good quality products, preferably ayurvedic, can help you retain the moisture of your scalp and hair. Besides preventing hair loss, oil massages can be very relaxing during winter season. For this purpose, you can use the combinations of 5 essential hair oils - Bhringraj oil, Bhrami oil, Argan oil, Almond Oil and Coconut oil.  

      Consume lot of vitamins and stay hydrated 

          Winter season brings lot of seasonal fruits. Vitamin C is not only good for your eyes, but also prevents hair fall. Also, you should drink lot of water. During winter season we do not consume right amount of water, due to which the skin and hair becomes dry. Drinking water can help you retain your moisture and prevents hair fall. You should also consume healthy diet so that your hair gets appropriate nutrients.  No matter how extensive hair care routine you follow, nutritious diet plays an important role in sustaining the health of your hair. 

          Use appropriate shampoo and conditioners 

              Many people don’t know this but hair products that you use in summers do not work in winters. The shampoo and conditioners for winter season is rich in moisture. You should look for appropriate hair products before using them. You can use ayurvedic shampoo and conditioners in winters so that your hair feels happy and moisturized all the time. Look for chemical free products to minimize the risk of side effects. This will help in sustaining the hair texture during the harsh and cold winters. To avoid dandruff  and itchy scalp in winter, which is very common in this season, be sure to mix shampoo and some conditioner while washing hair. After which, the hair should be conditioned again with the conditioner. 

              Use a Hair Mask 

                  Occasional use of hair masks in winters is a very good choice. A deep conditioning mask is smart way to keep your hair hydrated and prevent it from drying and becoming dull and lifeless.  To fight against everyday stresses and pollutants, gift your hair a revival boost by adding a regular hair mask session to your haircare routine. 

                  Avoid long hot showers and styling tools 

                      Avoid long hot showers and styling tools

                      Taking long hot showers reduces the percentage of moisture from your hair and scalp which makes them dry and frizzy. Heat is one of the elements that damages the hair irreversibly. So, avoid washing your hair with hot water. Use lukewarm water in winters to wash your hair. 

                      Use of straightener, blow dryer and other hot styling tools can also damage your hair. It is better if you use them occasionally.  

                      You can adopt regular steaming and effectively regain hair strength, reduce dullness by increasing moisture content in scalp and hair, nourish the hair by opening the follicles, induce good hair health, reduce hair-fall and make the hair smooth, shiny and flawless. 

                      Dry scalp can also result in dandruff which can eventually lead to hair fall

                      These were some solutions to reduce hair fall in winter. 

                      From split ends to frizzy hair, dry scalp to dandruff, all are result of chilly winter month. Above mentioned tips you must follow without neglecting it for shiny, healthy and flawless hair. 

                      Make these tips to prevent hair fall a regular routine for your winter hair care and notice the change. You should not neglect the health of your hair, especially in winters. Follow these tips to prevent hair fall and help your hair turn lustrous and healthy.