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Tips on how to stop hair fall: Home remedies

To start with, there are good number of treatments that can be undertaken to stop hair fall permanently. However, chemical-induced products may come out successful, but only for temporary period of time. On the other hand, natural products can act wonderfully in preventing hair fall, that too, permanently. 

Well, there could be many reasons for hair loss. If certain important nutrients are missing from your diets or you are witnessing the deficiency of vitamin D, then, there could be a huge possibility for you to face hair loss issues. In order to know about some natural remedies for preventing hair fall, just read the entire article.  

You can use lime juice with amla powder or amla juice and apply it on your scalp. Massage your scalp for some good 15 minutes and leave it for sometime before you rinse your hair off. Amla can indeed work in magical ways for your hair. 

  • Neem– The name is itself a cure.Neem leaves have anti-microbial properties which helps in preventing hair loss. In fact, this Ayurvedic product is popularly known for preventing hair loss.   

Grind the neem leaves and make a paste out of it. Now, add some warm water and apply this anti-hair fall neem mask on your scalp. Wrap your hair with a towel and leave it for an hour. After this, wash it off with a shampoo. 

  • Yoghurt and honey hair mask-As we all know, proteins are the building blocks of hair, well, yoghurt is rich in proteins. Adding to this, yoghurt has the ability to strengthen and nourish yourhairIt is said that lactic acid found in hair works well in keeping the hair strands hydrated. On the other hand, honey is there to keep the hair soft, protected and moisturized. 

Mix some honey and yoghurt in a bowl and add a teaspoon of olive oil into it. Apply the mask on the scalp and cover it with a shower cap for 30 minutes. After this, just rinse it off. Make sure you do this twice a week for best results. 

  • Egg maskApplying an egg mask to the hair is an effective remedy which is efficiently followed by many people. Eggs are proven to be rich in phosphorus, zinc, iodine, Sulphur, protein etc. Well, all of these help in promoting hair growth and gives way to reduced hair fall.  

Just add an egg white to a bowl and mix it with olive oil and honey. Apply it to your hair and leave for 20 minutes before washing them off.  

  • Onion juice –It has successfully been seen to have treated hair loss issues. In addition to this, it promotes hair growth, strengthens the hair and improves circulation in the scalp.  

All you need to do is, blend the onions and take out its juice. Apply it to your hair and leave for 30 minutes or so. However, you may need to wash your hair for more than once since the sense of smell may take a little more time to vanish. Nevertheless, it works wonders for hair.  

You can also add coconut and bhringraj to your hair-care routine  

So, these are some of the many home remedies which you can include in your daily hair-care routine in order to get rid of hair loss. Make sure you perform these remedies at least once or twice a week. 

Moving forward, oiling your hair is definitely an essential thing to do. Regular oiling can strengthen your hair and hinder them from facing too many issues. There are some natural oils, such as, rosemary oil, neem oil, lavender oil which can help in the maintenance of hair.  

So, shift to these natural remedies if you want your dream hair to last long. Natural Products will protect your hair from unwanted sulphate and parabens which are highly harmful to your hair.