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Scalp massage for hair growth - does it really work?

While a massage on your head focuses on the entire whole head region– including the forehead, the nape of your neck etc.  

If you massage your scalp to increase the growth of your hair, pressing your scalp with your fingers is necessary. This is mostly performed in order to improve the supply of blood towards the hair follicles. Hair follicles consist of hyperactive stem cells — and therefore hair growth is stimulated as oxygen supply increases.  

The massaging and subsequent stimulation of tiny arteries in your scalp increases your blood supply to your follicles. The thickness of hair is also improved and over time it can become smoother and denser. 

Keep in mind that scalp massages are a gradual, but highly successful way to stimulate hair development. In addition to the use of hair growth promoting products to maximize the benefits, we advise the transitioning to standard scalp massages. 

What is a scalp massage?  

A scalp massage is akin to the massaging of your neck, your back or your body. A scalp massage is normally performed a little more carefully, though.  

Only your fingertips and Good Ayurvedic oil are required for a traditional scalp massage. You can also buy a good-quality scalp massager to simulate the sensation given by your fingertips. 

How To Massage Your Scalp? 

There are various approaches to massage your scalp for encouraging hair growth. Four methods are available here. 
Traditional scalp massage 

The use of your fingertips is a part of a typical scalp massage. 

  1. Use your both hands' fingers lightly on your scalp at a low pressure and massage in small circles.
  2. Work your way into all parts of your scalp.
  3. Try massaging your scalp multiple times daily with your fingers at least five minutes at a time.

A certified massage therapist may offer you a scalp massage, should you want to avail the services of one. The cost of such a therapist varies according to the massage length. 

Brushes and massage tools 

Specific tools can be also used for a scalp massage, similar to those for body massages. 

Some dermatologists advocate the use of a scalp massager, but others opine that a massage with fingertips is just as good. In the end, the decision about which strategy fits well for you depends on you. 

Scalp massaging instruments are available in the form of brushes or lightly-operating rubber massagers. You can also use your fingertips throughout your scalp in the same manner.

Scalp massage with essential oils or an Ayurvedic oil 

In your scalp massage routine, you can use quality essential oils. A research indicates that both Lavender and peppermint essential oils can contribute to the growth of new hair follicles. 

Mix 1 to 2 drops of peppermint or lavender essential oil with a tablespoon of carrier oil, such as jojoba or a coconut oil. You can then use your fingers or your scalp massager directly to softly work your scalp with your oil concoction. 

A patch examination should first be done on a specific section of your skin to ensure that you are not allergic to whatever oil you prefer to use on your scalp.  

What happens if you massage your scalp every day? 

Your daily scalp massages will increase the blood flow and also boost the development of new follicles. But make sure you don't rub too hard while massaging because doing this will break your vulnerable hair strands. If you use oil during scalp massage, make sure your hair is rinsed within an hour. 

Does scalp massage help hair growth? 

Researchers concluded that frequent massages on the scalp can lead the growth of thicker hair, according to a research conducted in 2016. Nine men who underwent a four-minute scalp massage for 24 weeks per day were included in this research.  

At the conclusion of the analysis, those men reported thicker hair than they did at the beginning. 

These results were followed by further studies from 2019. The next research was focused on survey responses by 340 people, who followed detailed directions for two scalp massages a day in order to improve hair loss. 

Around 69% of participants reported reduced alopecia, based on the self-reported results. 

Hair follicles are the main benefiters of a scalp massage for new hair development. These hair strands start as follicles in hair roots on your scalp 

Does scalp massage cause hair loss? 

The response is both "yes" as well as "no" 

So, let's look at the hair growth cycle before we dig further. 

Growth Stage (2 to 7 years) → Rest Stage (6 months) → Falling of   Hair → Growth of new strands in place of fallen strands 

Scalp hair develops for around 2 to 7 years and then sinks into a brief resting phase to be replaced by the growth of new hair. At any time, 80 to 90% of your hair is in the middle of a developing process and the remaining 10 to 20% is in the waiting stage for potential fall. Therefore, every day as part of the hair growth cycle, it is common to lose about 100 strands of hair. 

A thorough scalp massage aids in hair growth, as revealed by multiple research studies. But do it too harshly, and you may end up losing more hair that your follicles could keep up with their growth patterns.  

How long does it take to see results from scalp massage? 

Studies show that it takes at least 6 months to observe the effects of a daily scalp massage. 

Your hair growth is essentially dependent on your follicles. You're going to get proper hair growth if only the follicles are healthy. That means making sure that you don't have any issues with dandruff and your hair scalp is clean enough to provide the right oxygen from all the pores of your skin to expand naturally. You should do hot oil massage in the event that you like to massage your scalp since it's helpful. 

Which hair oil is the best for scalp massage? 

Ayurvedically speaking, there are two points at your scalp's Utkshepa region, present at the shankha scalp hair lining. 

Ayurvedic head massages are used to improve the circulation of the emissary nerves, scalp vasculature and intracranial circulation by working on these "marmas", aka pressure points. This also encourages faster and healthier hair growth. 

When it comes to selecting well-researched and renowned Ayurvedic hair oil, trust no brand other than My Good Hair's Ayurvedic Hair Oil for Hair Growth, Premature Greying, Dry & Frizzy Hair. Formulated scientifically with a blend of 28 natural herbs and 7 essential oils, this premium Ayurvedic hair oil is unmatched in terms of quality for price.   

Take 5-10 ml Good Hair Oil and massage on your scalp at night or before taking a bath. 

The Takeaway 

While limited research has shown to date that scalp massages can cure hair loss, they are promising in terms of encouraging hair development as well. 

A scalp massage can be provided with your finger tips or a scalp massaging instrument. A trained massage therapist can offer an even better scalp massage experience. 

When you lose your rapidly or notice any hair loss signs, make sure that you keep track of it by discussing with your dermatologist.