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How to use hair serum? The Do’s & Don’ts

Hair serum today appears to be the be-all and end-all of the entire hair care realm. After a shower, who wouldn't want their hair to be sleek and soft? That's where a serum will step in!  Do you want to know how to maintain and guard your hair before you heat style it? Get yourself a serum! Do you want your hair to be shiny all day? The serum is the solution!  

With each and every hairstyling advice pointing back to it, it's critical to understand how to apply hair serum effectively without messing it up. That is why we have compiled some do's and don'ts for you to remember the very next occasion you use it.   

What are the benefits of hair serum?  

Hair serum may help your hair in a variety of ways. Let's look more closely at what a hair serum may be doing for your tresses. 

1. Frizz is reduced 

Your hair may appear dry or frizzy if it is fragile and unhealthy. You may also experience split ends or hair that seems to be sticking out on its end. 

Silicone included in most hair serums can aid in the management of these problems. It gives weak strands greater solidity by adding weight to them. Silicon's ability to encapsulate your hair also aids in the retention of your hair's native curling structure. 

Certain hair serums include hydrolyzed proteins, that can also help reduce static electricity, which primarily creates roughness and flyaways. 

2. Boosts smoothness 

The Anti-frizz effect of hair serum also helps improve the smoothness of your hair. This is due to the coating action of silicone, which creates the appearance of sleek and polished strands. 

3. Tangles are reduced 

Your hair is less prone to tangle or developing snagging knots when it is sleek and silky. Hair serum's detangling action can make your hair simpler to comb, manage, and style. 

4. Provides radiance 

Once your hair is sleek, it seems richer and shinier. Furthermore, some silicones used in hair serum can assist reflect light, increasing the impression of complete shine. 

5. Natural straightness or curls are improved 

The form of your hair follicle, according to hair specialists, defines your hair type, which might be: 

  • coily
  • straight
  • curly
  • wavy

Each hair type requires a different hair serum. If you sport curly hair, for example, you might apply a serum that promotes lively or distinct curls. 

What is the best way to apply hair serum? 

  1. Apply your first layer of your hair serum to freshly washed, wet hair for the greatest results.
  2. Pour 1–2 drops of hair serum onto your palm. Rub the serum for five seconds between your palms to warm it up.
  3. Distribute it evenly throughout your hair's strands, starting from the ends and working your way up to thecenter. Apply the product as evenly as possible using your hands. Adding the serum onto your scalp and roots or overusing the product might cause your hair to seem sticky, leading to breakage and hair fall.
  4. Use caution when putting the hair serum. Pulling your hair through its application might bring injury to your roots.
  5. Afteryou'vecompleted using the serum, use a broad-toothed comb to disseminate it uniformly from the center of your tresses through to the tips.  
  6. Continue to style your hair as normal.
  7. You may use a serum to touch up your hair throughout the day if necessary. 

Hair care after application 

What happens now that you've completed applying the serum to your hair? Don't worry, we're here to help you every step of the way. Here are some pointers to ensure that you obtain the most from your serum. 

  1. Makeabsolutely sureyou comb your hair carefully to eliminate any snags or knots. 
  2. Blow dry your hair to make it more difficult forgrimeand dust to adhere to your scalp and hair. 
  3. Smoothen and style your hair with the assurance that your hair follicles have been reinforced enough to resist any harm produced by applying heat directly on your hair.


Can We Use Hair Serum and Oil Together? 

Preferably, you should massage your hair with oil before washing it and use hair serum afterward. If you have severely dry and frizzy hair, you may add a small amount of oil as a topper to your hair locks after applying hair serum. 

Your hair requires nourishment, and because hair serum increases the moisture in your scalp, it is suggested that you use a serum for greasy hair too (but not excessively). You may apply non-greasy and lightweight serums on your hair, such as the hair serums mentioned in this blog. 

Can we apply serum on dry hair? 

The main goal of hair serum is to enable your hair to become shinier, less knotty, and stronger. This occurs because the serum captures and reflects light, letting your hair appear glossier while also providing a protective covering on the mane, shielding it from dirt, impurities, and harmful ultra violet radiation. 

The majority of people use hair serum to restore damaged and fragile hair. Serum adds Lustre to drab and dull hair and keeps it from becoming matted. 
While many of us think of serums as that immediate miraculous solution that acts as a magic wand for our tresses, it's important to understand that serums have various functionalities and exist in two kinds. Although our basic everyday serum is ideally used on wet or towel-dried hair, if you're using it for hair styling, it must be administered to dry hair. 

Which is the best hair serum in India? 

Give a peek to the best hair serums available in India.   

My Good Hair’s Macadamia Nut, Avocado, Biotin Hair Serum 

After a thorough hair wash, use this serum as a fluid therapy. A decent hair serum is meant to help restore the original shine of your hair by containing nutrients derived from biotin, macadamia nut oil, and avocado, which may perform wonders for your hair. The serum calms and relaxes your hair, removing any undesirable fizziness and also making it smooth, glossy, and retain the inherent springiness of your hair without making it oily. 

The macadamia nut has characteristics that help it to easily attach to the hair shaft, making your hair thicker and stronger. It also might aid in the recovery of your strands from various environmental stresses. Avocado has minerals that can help lock the cuticle cells, that helps reduce hair breakage It moisturizes and repairs your hair, resulting in increased hair strength. Biotin promotes thicker and fuller hair by assisting in the metabolism of dietary amino acids. It prevents hair from drying out and may improve your scalp's suppleness. 

My Good Hair’s Bakuchi Silk Protein Hair Serum 

Powered with the goodness of silk protein and Bakuchi oil, you may get glossy and brilliant hair with the help of this serum. It may also aid in the replenishment of cysteine, which is required for the production of keratin- the fundamental building block of your hair. At the end of the day, this is a hair serum that helps change your hair from the inside, increase elasticity, and protect it from stress. 

Bakuchi oil is a medicinal herb renowned for its qualities that aid in the prevention of loss of hair and the reduction of dandruff. Silk protein provides components necessary for the production of keratin, which aids in the maintenance of healthy and strong hair. It may penetrate deep into your hair's shaft, reinforcing weakening hair and providing strength and nutrients. The two components complement each other well when combined in our magical formulation to lend you the gift of wonderful hair!  

The bottom line 

Good Hair's hair serum helps your hair in a variety of ways. It can add shine, eliminate frizz, and improve your original texture, based on the type of serum you choose. It could also help to maintain your hair's health by preventing it from harm. 

Hair oils are not the same as scalp serums, which are generally used to reactivate latent hair follicles and stimulate hair regeneration. 

Search for a hair serum that is tailored to your specific hair type or hair objective, for instance, the ones mentioned in this blog are perfect for all haircare needs.  Use a little quantity on clean, wet hair for optimum results, and resist putting it to your scalp and roots.