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How to treat dry scalp with Ayurvedic Hair Products?

Dry scalp: No one wants to feel irritation and a constant feeling of itching on the scalp. It sometimes leads to a very uncomfortable situation, especially when itching occurs in public or when you are at a party. 

The dry scalp problem can also get escorted by chronic dandruff. This again gives a very unwanted feel and reduces the confidence of wearing all time favorite color, black. Just imagine you are only wearing whites because of dandruff, and in case it gets worse, then you may also face hair fall, which forces you to say goodbye to many colors. 

Now nobody would prefer to stay in this situation and want a remedy that lasts forever. Ayurveda is the best solution to get rid of dry scalp. So without wasting any more time, let’s straight away jump to the Dry scalp treatment with the help of Ayurveda.


A traditional Ayurvedic remedy is Thalapothichil for handling dry scalp, dandruff, and various related scalp conditions. The tested treatment implies massaging your hair and scalp with prescribed herbal oils, pursued by smearing herbal extracts and medicinal pastes onto your hair and scalp.

The medicated pastes incorporate Ayurvedic herbs like Musta, Panchagandha, Amlaki, and others that are delicately grounded to form a thick mask for hair and scalp. This holistic treatment assists in hydrating and nourishing your scalp, and reinvigorates your hair follicles, thus diminishing the dryness of your scalp.

Self-Head Massage With Herbal Oils

A therapeutic head massage is preferred when you are going for an ayurvedic treatment. Now which Ayurvedic hair care products can help you with massage? My good hair Ayurvedic Hair Oil, Shampoo & Conditioner is a combo where you can find the oil for hair and scalp massage. The oil is prepared with 28 herbs and 7 essential oils that eradicate common hair problems such as dandruff, hair fall, split ends, itchy scalp, or loss of shine. 

According to ancient Ayurvedic rules, massage the hair with oil that will balance your Vata dosha and reduce hair loss and dryness. 

Ayurvedic Herbs

Since ancient times, medicinal herbs have played a significant part in Ayurveda as they provided a powerful cure to several types of disorders, diseases, and conditions. These get acquired from a plant source; the bark, resin, seeds, fruits, roots, flowers, and leaves are exerted to develop herbal formulations and medications.

There are a few herbs that effectively handle and impede dry scalp condition:


Brahmi offers efficacy to calm, serene, and peace the mind, exhilarating a serene tranquillity. Moreover, it also nurtures and restores your scalp, hair, and digestive tract. This advantageous property makes it vital support for every hair care management.


The “king of the hair” is the other name of bhringraj. It is a relaxing herb which nourishes and stimulates the roots of the hair. It is famous for its ability to shield your natural hair color and texture, encourage hair growth, as well as tranquilize and calm your mind. It is a powerful herb that competently balances the 3 doshas, particularly the pitta dosha, which is well-known for harming hair and hair follicles, producing dryness in your scalp, and early greying hair.


Amla is a potent rejuvenating substance and a significant source of natural antioxidants. Amla is highly advantageous for your bone and hair health. It assists in prohibiting dryness of your scalp as it is a pitta-calming agent, which benefits in the ejection of ama from your system. 

Shampoo For Dry Scalp

In case you are facing light itching with dryness of the scalp, then you should try changing your regular shampoo with a mild and ayurvedic shampoo for efficiently managing your scalp condition.

Rather than selecting a chemical-laden shampoo for your hair, you may try picking a cleanser equipped with Vitamins A, B, C, and E that nurtures your hair, avoiding dryness and itchy scalp issues. 

Conditioner For Dry Scalp

When you search the market to find that one conditioner that doesn’t harm your scalp and hair, you will surely end up buying something very expensive and worthless, thus, to get rid of this question in your mind, How do you hydrate your scalp? And get that product which is filled with Ayurvedic essential oils and herbal extract, then the answer is My good hair conditioner. It is filled with great plant protein that encourages healthy hair growth while also calming the dryness of the scalp & skin redness. The infused oil increases hair growth, and amino acids stimulate regrowth of the hair from inactive follicles and bald spots. Ayurvedic conditioner for hair and scalp that even hydrates the scalp and keeps it safe from dryness. 


A dry scalp can be embarrassing, though; it is remediable with easy and efficient home remedies and Ayurvedic treatments. By pursuing a healthy diet with a gentle and natural hair care routine, you may be competent to say goodbye to your dry scalp condition.