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How to take care of your hair this summer?

Summer has arrived with a bang and you would want your hair to look its finest self. But have you ever wondered how stepping into the sun can hasten damage to your hair? Just as how it can damage your skin, excessive sunshine can also damage your scalp and hair. So, it is time for you to learn how you can go about protecting your hair from humidity, heat, and sun. 

Why Should You Protect Your Hair from the Sun? 

Your hair can get damaged in more ways than one during the summers: Overexposure to harsh sunrays, sweat, grime, and even chlorinated pool water can wreak havoc to your hair's health. 

Here’s how: 

  • You might boast of healthy hair throughout the year, but come summertime, and your hair might become lifeless and limp. This happens due to the summer sun scorching your strands while the enhanced humidity flattening it out.  
  • The summer heat can sizzle out your scalp too – causing sunburns and dryness. Certain people are of the view that since hair already acts like an umbrella to the scalp; harsh UV rays might not seep through. But that is not the case. Ultimately, dehydrated scalp does great damage to your hair's roots. 

So now it is time for the million-dollar question: How can you keep your hair moisturized during summers? Well, let us peep down below:  

Different ways to take care of your hair this summer:   

Just as how your skin can end up being rough and dry with exposure to extreme weather, your hair might also have to battle environmental aggressors. During the summer months, hair loses its inherent moisture due to chlorinated swimming pools, UV rays, and air-borne dirt. Thus, what you get is dry, dull, and brittle strands desperate for some good conditioning. 

The good news is that moisturizing your hair back to its natural sheen is not hard; even when you enjoy an outdoors day trip or a dip in the pool. Coming ahead, we shall share helpful strategies on how to keep your hair hydrated in the heat of summer. 

Begin your season's experience with a brand-new haircut 

      Regardless of whether you sport short or long hair, summers can make your hair's ends brittle and dry – spoiling your hair's appearance for the long term! 

      Summer is therefore the best time for you to pamper yourself with a gorgeous new haircut. If you are not ready for such a commitment, then you can always go ahead with regular trims to reduce split ends from emerging. 

      Pro Tip: Regular trims done every 2-4 weeks can revive even the most lifeless hair! 


      Make a dry shampoo your new summer best friend 

          The sun may have damaged your hair, rendering it oily and greasy, desperately in need for some through shampooing? 

          Don’t panic! Instead of using your regular shampoo, you can opt for a good quality dry-shampoo! It does an amazing job absorbing excess oil without irritating your scalp to create more as a defense. Above all, it would also save you a lot of time while getting ready. But beware: It might get extremely addictive! 

          Deep Condition Regularly 

              Summer can be awesome for hair hydration with deep-conditioning formula. Seek well-known moisturizing ingredients such as olive-oil, avocado-extract, and almond oils. Going further, ingredients such as glycerin, shea butter, or aloe-vera, are known as moisturizing elements too. Thus, you can incorporate a formula of your preference into your hair care routine at least once every week. 

              Use A good-quality Moisturizing Shampoo 

                  One simple yet effective way for adding a dash of hydration to your hair is by using a moisture-fortifying shampoo. Infused with the right blend of oils and minerals, your preferred moisturizing hair care products should nourish scalp, tips and lengths of your hair to make them stronger and healthy looking with each wash. 

                  Avoid heated Styling Tools

                      Your hair already remains exposed to excessive heat during peak summer months, so why should you add to their stress more? Excess heat strips natural oils off your hair, leading to dryness. To maintain your hair's natural moisture, give the straightening iron, curling iron and blow-dryer, a well-deserved break. Instead, you can go for a natural air-dry by simply letting your hair loose to the breeze. Several women prefer ditching their hot styling tools anyway because summer temperatures tend to be hotter than bearably hot. Who would want to turn a blow-dryer on when the mercury is soaring?  

                      Still, if a fresh blow-dry is irresistible for you (which we can empathize with), use a protective spray for creating a shield against the heat. Also, add a diffuser to your blow-dryer if you haven't already. 

                      Brush with care 

                          Brushing your hair daily helps evenly distribute moisture along the entirety of your hair's lengths, as long as you religiously follow the proper technique. Firstly, use a large comb with widely-spaced and round-tipped teeth to de-tangle the knots in your hair gently. If your hair happens to be too frizzy and dry, you can use a moisturizing detangling spray and a wide-toothed comb for minimizing damage and breakage. Do bear in mind that your hair is extremely fragile when wet. Avoid brushing immediately after a swim or shower.  

                          Cover up the lengths of your hair 

                              As opposed to protection for your skin, sunscreen for your hair to combat damage by sun exposure is yet to be invented. But that does not imply that you have to avoid stepping out in the sun entirely! After all, the warm weather should be no reason to deter your outdoor plans. Therefore, wrap your hair well in a chic turban, scarf, or hat, ahead of a long day.  

                              Hydrate orally

                                  Dehydration is not going to do your hair any favors. Thus, you can choose to remain hydrated inside out by drinking plenty of water every day. 

                                  Avoid a swim without good hair protection 

                                      To beat the scorching heat, you might want to jump right into a swimming pool. But, staying in the pool for prolonged periods without taking necessary precautions might cause extreme damage to your hair. Chlorinated pool water is harmful for your hair. So, before stepping into one of such pools, dampen your hair with regular tap water and apply a dash of a conditioner. Finally, top it all off with the ultimate barrier protection-a thick swimming cap. Go the extra mile by washing your hair thoroughly after stepping out of the pool. 

                                      Invest in top quality hair care products 

                                          One big contributor towards maintaining perfect hair is an investment in top quality hair care products. The products you ultimately buy should be well researched. Replacing quality products by cheaper knock-offs should be avoided. Do your research to know what works for your hair texture and seek advice accordingly. Use smartly by choosing wisely. 

                                          Parting words 

                                          We all know the stress summer heat can accrue to your tresses. But, with a little precaution and care, you can not only avoid damage, but revitalize your hair during summers and beyond!