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Home remedies to follow in 2021 on how to fix your damaged hair

It is said, healthy hair is the best accessory. We often neglect the crown of our body which needs constant care and conditioning. By using chemical based hair care products, we end up damaging our hair and end up losing their natural shine.

Do you also dream of having voluminous and healthy hair? Do you also follow different hair care routines but see no change? Well, this dream can be achieved by providing constant nourishment with the help of Ayurvedic products and following a very simple hair care routine. It is very important to provide the love that your hair demands. You can achieve long, and shinning hair by using Ayurvedic products. Scientific researches have proved that Ayurvedic formulations are highly effective in treating even autoimmune diseases of hair loss like Alopecia areata.

 Ayurveda is a traditional medical practice that is aged for about more than three thousand years. The ancient practitioners of Ayurveda have always preached about the advantages of Ayurvedic medicines. Today, Ayurveda treatment is practiced and recommended by modern medical practitioners.  

According to Ayurveda, your hair is a direct by-product of the bone tissue  (marrow) and it is also linked to the central nervous system and gut. This signifies that any weakness in the bone tissue, nervous system and digestive system will naturally result in hair loss.

In other words, the imbalance in your body will lead to the underlying issues in bone marrow, nervous and digestive systems, which in turn will reflect in your scalp and hair growth.

home remedies to cure damaged hair : Causes and treatments for your healthy hair

  • Take a nutritious diet

    nutritious diet is important for good and healthy hair growth

    Whatever you consume in your diet contributes in the growth of your body. It is necessary to eat citrus fruits and leafy vegetables to boost the growth and health of your hair. You require hair growth vitamins-A, B group, C, D, E, along with iron, zinc and protein for hair follicles to stimulate healthy hair growth. However, excess intake of hair growth vitamins like Vitamin-A and proteins has resulted in hair loss among some people. Take a balanced diet and reduce the consumption of oily food.


    • Meditation

      Do you know that your stress levels can also affect the health of your hair? According to certain studies it is noticed that people with high stress level experience excessive hair loss. If you are also looking for an effective method to reduce stress levels, your answer is meditation and yoga. Meditation calms down your mind and soul and yoga keep your body energized. Meditation is the best way to cope with high stress levels. Reduce your stress and enjoy your healthy hair.


      • Adopt Ayurvedic hair care routine

        Ayurveda deals with the root cause of the problem. The natural herbs such as reetha and shikakai work together to make your hair healthy and shiny. It is important to choose an Ayurvedic hair shampoo that can provide adequate nutrients to your hair. Wash your hair twice or thrice a week or as per requirement. Ayurveda suggests that you should pamper your hair by oiling it frequently. Use adequate ayurvedic hair oil to keep your hair moisturized and shiny. Dry and damaged hair can be repaired by following a good hair care routine which includes:

        • Regular Oiling with ayurvedic hair oil 15-20 minutes before hair wash.
        • Massaging the scalp with the help of hands or massager.
        • Applying ayurvedic hair shampoo and washing it regularly or at least 2-3 times a week.
        • Conditioning your hair with the help of natural conditioners such as egg, yogurt and aloe vera.
        • Use natural ingredients to keep your hair healthy and strong.

        Sometimes we neglect the nutrients in our kitchen and garden. Chemicals and advertisements tend to attract the audience towards the products which are unhealthy for the health your hair. Little do we know our kitchen and garden is full of healthy and natural ingredients which can be used to cure dry and frizzy hair.

        Some natural ways to condition hair are:

        Natural ways to condition your hair

        • Yogurt is one of the most effective and is easily available at home. Apply the mixture of yogurt and olive oil on your scalp and hair. Wait for twenty to thirty minutes for the mixture to work. Rinse it with water. You will start noticing that your hair looks better conditioned and healthy
        • Using an egg as a conditioner is another home remedy to cure damaged hair. Whip two to three eggs in bowl and mix it well with honey and few drops of mustard oil. Apply the mixture on the scalp and on your hair. Rinse with water and then use an Ayurvedic hair shampoo. You will start noticing that hair fall is reduced.

        These are some effective home remedies to cure damaged hair.  You can also follow some other simple tips to protect your hair. Avoid brushing wet hair and using chemical products. Eat healthy and keep pampering your hair.