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Home remedies to follow in 2021 on how to get rid of dandruff!

Well, all sorts of hair problems are an issue of concern but the condition related to dandruff can annoy a person to the brim. All those white flakes are hard to bear. 3 out of 5 people walk with dandruff on their heads. However, many out of those have undergone an endless number of treatments to get rid of the little white bits on the hair. Yet, most of them failed at getting the desired results. Well, pull up your socks because in this article we will share with you some effective home remedies to get rid of dandruff. Read on till the end! 

What causes dandruff? 

Dry scalp is one of the most common reasons for dandruff. Sometimes, weekly oiling may still not be enough to help you get rid of dandruff. In that case, switch to oil your hair every alternate day.

If you are not oiling enough, you are likely to develop dandruff. This is surely an unhygienic action. Moreover, this leads to the accumulation of oil on the scalp. 

Sometimes, a yeast-like fungus tends to feed on the oil of the scalp causing a good lot of dandruff. 

You need to balance out the dryness and extreme greasiness of the scalp. It is only then, when you can manage to get rid of those tiny flakes from your head.  

Natural home remedies to treat dandruff 

What's better than curing something naturally, without the usage of any chemicals? Natural treatments are, indeed, the best ones to come across. 

  • Apply coconut oil and lemonThe coconut oil and its hair nourishing excellence holds a good level of popularity among the masses. However, when it is mixed with lemon, it is said to cure dandruff as well. It makes the scalp smooth for a longer period of time. Just add warm coconut oil and lemon in the bowl and apply it on the scalp. Massage it for good 15 minutes and rinse it off. Do this twice a week.
  • Egg yolks – The part of the egg is said to work very well in order to remove dandruff. A vitamin named biotin is found in the yolk and essentially helps in treating dandruff. Egg yolk is a natural conditioner and can help in getting rid of dandruff. Apply the egg yolk to your hair and cover it with a plastic bag for an hour or so. After this, just rinse off your hair and you are good to go. You will find an essence of egg yolks in many shampoos as well.
  • Neem oil – You can very conveniently put the neem leaves in coconut or almond oil and apply it on your scalp. The oil has anti-fungal properties which can help to save your scalp from dandruff. Apply it twice a week.
  • Curd – Yes, you heard that right. If you apply it once a week, you will get to see some visible difference. Just apply it and let it dry for some time. After this, wash it off, as usual.

So, these are some of the home remedies that you can follow. 

Dandruff causes regular itching and irritation. The more you scratch off your scalp, the more hair-fall can you come across. So, follow the remedies to get rid of dandruff and call off one more reason for your hair-fall. 

There is a huge variety of shampoos in the market which claim to be the best for getting rid of dandruff. However, they are full of chemicals such as sulphate and parabens. Even if you start seeing the changes, they will be temporary. The shampoo at Good Hair can help you cure dandruff, that too, permanently. It is as natural and of course, follows the walks of Ayurveda.

Is aloe Vera good to treat dandruff?

A simple answer to this is, YES. Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory properties and anti-itching properties which can reduce scalp irritation. With the help of this, you won’t scratch up your head.  Apply the Aloe Vera gel, cover it to the roots before you wash off. It even moisturizes the scalp. So, it will be beneficial for you to include Aloe Vera in your hair-care routine.  

Following the mentioned remedies on a regular basis can help you say goodbye to dandruff permanently. Do not unnecessarily scratch your head and do not try to get dandruff off your head by yourself. Just apply natural products and you will be good to go.