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Best essential Tips to Prevent Hair Breakage - It's Time To Repair Hair Breakage - Ways To Follow

Love for long hair will never go out of trend. No matter how many new hairstyles and new styles of cuts emerge, still having long hair will always be in trend. 

But with technological advancement, there are some progressive steps taken in styling the hair. From coloring to apply heat, all these have become a new part of hair fashion. But unfortunately, the more use of them can damage your hair like breakage. 

In case you are assuming that a bad haircut will upset you, wait until you have those hair breakages that will be upsetting you for the rest of your life. Scared? 

Don't be! There are repair remedies that can help you with hair breakage. We are not saying that you should completely stop styling your hair, but as they say, "too much of everything is bad," so make sure you don't overdo anything. It is not even necessary that everyone will be facing the problem of hair breakage because it varies from the frequency of usage of heat and color. 

There are possibilities that some people will never experience it, but those who do, know that the struggle is real.

Now the question arises, "How do you reverse hair breakage?" The remedies to this won't include cutting your hair too short, so what to do then? Well, taking good care of them can prevent ongoing damage. Know-how: 

Lower the temperature of your styling products 

The foremost thing that you can do to prevent the breakage is by lowering down the temperature of your hairdryer, straightener, or roller. Remember, "more heat = more break"; your tools at 375 degrees can still style your hair effectively. So instead of going too harsh on your hair, you can opt for this option. 

The golden rule of ironing or drying your hair is to use a serum like Bakuchi Silk Protein Hair Serum. Applying serum lowers down the chances of hair damage. So make sure you use it after washing your hair. 

Comb your hair with conditioner on

Yes! You read it right, comb your hair when you apply conditioner. Why? Just remember the moment when you comb your hair after a shower, and then the traumatizing situation occurs after you see your comb and your floor filled with broken hair. That's right, we are saving you from experiencing such a situation. Apply Good Hair Onion Caffeine Conditioner and then comb your hair; this will avoid the ripping off hair situation and will prevent them. 

Sleep on charmeuse or silk pillowcases

One of the answers to the question "What causes hair breakage?" is turning and tossing in your sleep. When you frequently turn in the sleep, it allows your hair's movement unevenly, which causes more hair breakage. So make sure that when your hair rubs on your pillow, it does not break; for this, instead of using a cotton pillowcase, you should use a silk or charmeuse one. 

Use oil 

Conditioning your hair with the use of oil will never disappoint you. You need a hydrator that can go inside your hair shaft, so avoid using the normal hair oil. Choose the one like Good Hair Ayurvedic Hair Oil that goes inside your hair shaft and nourishes it to the level that you will feel less breakage and damage. 

If you are looking for any particular Hair breakage treatment products, then there is nothing available like that. You need to start nourishment for your hair from oiling, shampoo, and conditioning. The process is itself a remedy for the breakage of hair. 

Trim regularly

It's not very fruitful to wait for a cut until you have a ton of breakage. Make sure you trim your hair regularly and fix an appointment with your stylist every six weeks will help avoid breakage.    

Skip the top knot

Yes, we know that the top knot looks stylish as well, as it is a very easy way to style your hair in a few seconds. But piling hair on top of your head and securing it with an elastic establishes far too much stress on broken hair. Instead, use a soft scrunchie and tie your hair in a low ponytail. Let the 90's look like the new trend. 

Wrapping up

It's a fact that we all experience shedding and breakage at some point in time. What matters is how you take care of your hair and what products you opt for hair. Chemical-free products, Ayurveda, and herbal ingredients can help a lot when it comes to the nourishment of hair. So make sure when you use any product it is of good quality like Good Hair. Right hair care routine, less use of heat, and a good product can prevent the hair damage or can even repair the damage.