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Benefits of using flax seeds for your hair

Are you also looking for long, thick and shiny hair? Are you also tired of using expensive hair products and getting zero results? Well, your search ends here, flax seeds are the answer to all your hair problems. Flaxseeds is also widely known as linseeds, Alsi and Jawas. These seeds are rich in Vitamin B1, manganese, dietary fiber and Omega-3. They are also a good source of selenium, magnesium and phosphorous. Flaxseeds are brown or golden in color and has a nutty flavor. These seeds are easily available and affordable in nature. If you want to flaunt your healthy and strong hair, this should be the part of your hair care routine. Flaxseeds is the best way to give your locks a silky and smooth look.  

These are some reasons why flaxseeds are good for your hair.  

  • Flaxseeds are the best source of Omega 3 fatty acids, it helps in improving dandruff, flakiness and reduces dryness of your hair.  
  • Flaxseeds contain Vitamins that are best for your hair growth.  
  • Flaxseeds contain strong anti-oxidants that prevents thinning of your hair.  
  • The gel made out of flaxseeds will keep your hair and scalp hydrated and moisturized making is shiny on the outside and strong on the inside.  

How to use flaxseeds for hair growth?  

  • Flaxseeds can be used to boost the overall health of your hair and scalp. You can apply oil or gel made from flaxseeds and get instant results. All you need is to prepare all-natural gel made from flaxseeds, filtered water and some aloe vera gel. You can also use argon or jojoba oil for better results.   
  • All you need is a pot full of water. Add flaxseeds and let the mixture boil. Keep stirring continuously. Once you notice that the mixture has started to thicken, allow the mixture to cool completely and filter it with the help of a cheesecloth. You can also use a Muslin cloth to filter the mixture. Add some Aloe Vera gel or any other essential oil of your choice to the filtered gel. Massage the flaxseed gel on your scalp and see the results for yourself.  
  • If you are suffering from conditions like dry scalp, dull and lifeless hair you can apply the gel every day. This gel made from flaxseeds will keep your hair conditioned and healthy. This gel not only boosts the hair growth, but also shields your hair from pollution and dust. Make sure to use the gel in moderation, because excess of anything can be fatal.  
  • It is better to apply the flaxseeds gel on wet or moist hair it will keep it nourished and conditioned for long time. You can use flaxseed gel as a pre-conditioner or after the shampoo. It will act as a mask and provide nutritional supplement to your hair.   


People often ask that can they apply flaxseeds gel on their hair overnight. The answer to this is very simple. It is not good to keep the gel overnight on your hair. The application of flaxseed gel for about 20-30 minutes is good enough to extract the goodness out of it.  

The rich nutrients present in Flax Seeds keep your hair nourishes and scalp hydrated naturally. It helps in providing your hair plant-based oil and it helps in sealing the cuticles of your scalp. It also prevents frizzy hair and reduce hair breakage.   


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