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Benefits of Avocado, Macadamia nuts, Biotin, Caffeine, Red Onion & Bakuchi for hair?

Split ends, limp, receding tresses...if you need a drastic detox for your hair, you have come to the perfect place. All of us take up rigorous beauty routines to maintain healthy skin and hair. People all over the world are now spending millions of dollars for getting lovely hair. 

However, natural beauty ingredients should be given priority instead of mass-produced synthetic beauty products. In the long term, chemicals and toxins present in commercial goods can cause much more harm than anticipated. Therefore, it would do you good to not underestimate many of the natural ingredients present in your own kitchen-or even in certain select haircare products.  

Given below are scientifically researched natural ingredients for haircare and the products they are found in. Read on:  

1. Caffeine 

Coffee has a lengthy list of alleged benefits for the body, such as healthy hair, amongst others. Although some people have no trouble pouring cold coffee concoctions over their hair, you may wonder: is caffeine really that beneficial for your hair too? The loss of hair may occur in both males and females as they grow older. The topical application of coffee on hair and scalp helps avoid the loss of hair and helps replenish damaged hair roots. 

How to use caffeine for hair growth? 

For men, hair loss normally happens as natural male baldness causes damage to hair follicles due to the sex hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Hair loss can also affect women with too much DHT. 

Harm to the hair follicles inevitably leads to complete baldness. But naturally occurring caffeine in coffee may contribute to promoting hair growth and avoid hair loss, according to several research studies. 

If your hair is dull, fragile and dry, it can revive its natural beauty with the addition of a good moisturizer. Surprisingly, though, you can remove your hair's dullness by rinsing it with coffee since it includes antioxidants, which encourage hair regeneration. 

2. Red Onion 

Though onions are normally renowned for their heavy odor, it may be time for recognizing them for something else: their help in hair care. 

How does red onion help in hair growth? 

Researchers have concluded that the anti-inflammatory & antimicrobial properties of onions may enable your hair to develop or improve its health. 

They found that the formulation did not irritate the skin when used for 5 minutes (much longer than a normal commercially available shampoo). Also, in their scientifically formulated onion shampoo they found: 

  • Improvement in hair follicle growth rate 
  • Moisturization of dry hair and skin 
  • Promotion of development of new hair strands 
  • Greater nutrition and supply appropriate nutrients to reverse hair damage 

If you are looking forward to using red onion and caffeine for easing your haircare woes, but are at a loss about their correct usage as well as minimum dosage, worry not! My Good Hair has already got you covered! After years of research, they have come up with the perfect formulation for caffeine-onion haircare products that are guaranteed to work wonders for your damaged hair. Read this article until the end to know more.  

3. Backuchi 

Bakuchi powder helps enhance hair growth and checks dandruff as it is used externally due to its Keshya property according to Ayurveda. As per the case of managing Vitiligo spots for skin, Bakuchi helps too because of its Kusthagna and Rasayana properties. 

What are Backuchi's benefits for hair? 

Backuchi oil is made using the Snehapaka method of Ayurveda where 1 part of Backuchi grain seed is blended with 16 parts of water. The seeds are dried overnight. This blend is then reduced to 4 parts the morning after. This mixture, which is further blended with sesame oil and a finely ground Bakuchi paste, is also called Kwath. This combination is heated until there is no remaining residue of water and it thus acts as the purest source of oil. This oil is topically suitable for disinfecting scalp area, reducing pigmentation and stimulating collagen formation. 

4. Macadamia Oil 

Can You Use Macadamia Oil for Hair? 

Macadamia oil is more easily penetrable in the scalp and hair than other oils like commercially available mineral oils. On your scalp, mineral oils generally tend to build up. With time, they can make your hair look dull and heavy. 

However, fruit and vegetable oil (e.g., coconut and macadamia oil, among others) have been found to efficiently reach the hair follicles. Macadamia oil is well known for this very characteristic.  

Given below are some more benefits of including Macadamia oil for your haircare needs: 

  • When macadamia oil containing fatty acids attaches to the hair shaft, it ends up making the hair follicles look thicker and healthier. Macadamia oil also has antioxidants that aid the hair to recover from the exposure to air pollutants. 
  • Macadamia oil has emollient properties that help smoothen hair, and give it a shiny look. Anecdotally, hair handled with macadamia oil on a regular basis experiences enhanced shine and bounciness with time. 
  • Macadamia oil is commonly useful for rugged, obstinately curly hair. Curly hair styles may be susceptible to environmental harm in particular. Rudely dry and damaged hair is difficult to style and quickly breaks. But macadamia oil helps to preserve the hair shaft's natural moisture, seals the shaft and provides natural protein. Properly moisturized hair is easier to untangle and moisturize.

    5. Avocado 

This delicious fruit is rich in vitamins-such as Vitamin B7 aka biotin- that allows the skin to look attractive, radiant and hydrated. It also aids in hair follicle stimulation.  You have perhaps discovered that biotin helps to produce hair and nails. This applies in particular to individuals with a rare biotin deficiency. 

Does avocado make your hair grow faster? 

Avocados contain both naturally occurring polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids, which are highly moisturizing and nutritious. While these avocadoes can benefit all forms of hair, they are particularly useful for healing rough, dehydrated hair. 

  • Avocado is an important source of biotin and it allows hair to grow healthier if this B-complex vitamin is added back into the diet. 
  • A 2015 study showed that minerals, including magnesium and potassium, in avocado oil, can seal cuticular cells that can help to make hair appear sleek, smooth and polished. 
  • Many people anecdotally note that after using an avocado mask their hair becomes silkier and smoother. 
  • Biotin, also called vitamin B7, promotes the development of keratin in the hair and can boost the follicle growth rate. 

My Good Hair has come up with another range of haircare products powered with the goodness of Avocado (and by extension-Biotin), Macadamia Nut oil and Backuchi, all Ayurvedically combined in multiple magical product. To get your own My Good Hair product as soon as possible, keep watching this space for all latest updates.  

The Final Takeaway 

You can either topically apply the ingredients listed above by yourself to your hair, or you can purchase dermatologically tested and clinically approved My Good Hair products for silky, smooth and amazing tresses.  

In case you encounter hair or scalp problems that do not improve even after the above listed treatments, consult a dermatologist who can help you get to the origin of the issue so that you look and feel better about your hair and scalp.