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Ayurvedic hair care tips for summer

Is your beautiful hair becoming drab and lifeless with the progressing summer season? The trigger is oxidative damage wielded to your hair as a result of the hot, perspiring weather. But do not worry, Ayurveda has answers for all your haircare problems. 

Ayurvedic preventive medicine is characterized by Ritucharya. Changing one's lifestyle according to the season allows the human mind and body to cope with the difficulties that our surroundings present. 

Here are some more helpful solutions that we have gleaned from the treasure of Ayurveda! (Plus, a miraculous Ayurvedic hair care product that will ease all your hair care problems!)  

Keep reading to learn more!   

Why Does Our Hair Lose Its Natural Shine?  

Your hair loses its natural shine and bounciness due to an imbalance of the three doshas present inside of your body - Vata, Pitta, and Kapha - according to Ayurveda. Each of these doshas affects your bodily functions in a unique way. 

  • Dry, dull, and frizzy hair result from an excess of Vata dosha in your body.  
  • Pitta is another crucial dosha responsible for blood formation and circulation, which has an influence on the development of new hair follicles directly. 
  • An overabundance of Kapha dosha may lead to over synthesis of natural oils in your scalp, thus rendering your hair greasy and clumpy. 

Let us now learn more about the reasons why an imbalance of your doshas may arise in the first place.  

Hot Weather Triggering Hair Fall   

In India, the most common concern among men and women is hair loss, which sometimes occurs prematurely. Chronic and non-stop hair fall can result in baldness, alopecia, or even hair thinning. 

A sebaceous follicle is a hair follicle connected to your scalp's oil glands. Our hair is nourished by a fatty sebum produced by these glands. But there are times when a follicle does not receive sufficient nourishment. This causes hair to fall out. The most common season in which people encounter hair fall is undoubtedly the summer season. 

The scorching heat of the summer season causes your scalp's pores to produce more sweat in order to cool itself down. Sweat from your scalp does not evaporate as quickly as sweat from other parts of your body. This is because it is obscured by your hair, which prevents a streamlined airflow. 

This build-up of sweat further attracts dust and grime, which further clogs the follicles of your hair, leaving them breathless. This weakens the roots of your hair, which will eventually fall out due to a lack of nourishment.   

How to Create an Ayurvedic Hair Care Regimen 

Who does not want luscious, flowing hair to flaunt? While you may think that there is much more to your life than hair, it is still a good place to begin your self-care journey! Hair that is beautiful will help you express yourself and is a pleasant extension of your overall looks. Hair comes in a variety of beautiful forms and textures, each with its own unique elegance. 

However, just as there are numerous types and textures of hair, there are also numerous hair products to choose from. 

Every so-called Ayurvedic hair care product touts the benefits of healthy hair while still containing chemicals that only treat your hair superficially and only for a short time. These chemicals can also destroy the internal structure of your beautiful locks, making your hair less healthy than it was before. Make sure you never allow such products take advantage of your trust! 

Therefore, after extensive research, we have listed the best, natural hair-care remedies unique to every hair type. Plus, we will reveal the ultimate Ayurvedic hair care product suitable for all hair textures-including yours. Read on. 

For Dry Hair 

Coconut oil carries natural soothing properties that help moisten your scalp and avoid fly-away locks. All you would need to do to take-in the goodness of this Ayurveda approved ingredient is to take in a coin-sized volume of coconut oil and run it through your hair in the summer. 

Alternatively, you can also use the same quantity of sesame oil, which boasts of similar inherent soothing effects, in the winter and/or in colder weather conditions.  

For Oily Hair 

Sometimes, people with naturally oily hair prefer to use drying shampoos more frequently. But these drying shampoos end up stripping the scalp and hair of its natural oils, causing the oil glands to overproduce more to compensate the loss of natural oils.  

Experts of Ayurvedic haircare advise against the frequent washing of oily hair too much and to search for shampoos containing the herbal extracts of neem. Neem helps to stabilize the scalp's kapha and pitta doshas. And if your skin is oily, you will benefit from neem oil's massage. 

Oils like neem, olive and sesame have warming and purifying properties. They contribute to the balance of oil formation in the scalp rather than increasing it. Experts add that people with oily hair should avoid consuming overly fat and oily foods, for optimum haircare results.   

For Graying and Thinning Hair  

Top Ayurveda experts recommend bhringaraj oil to encourage safe hair growth and avoid premature graying. The bhringaraj herb, also popularly called the "ruler of hair," is said to rejuvenate the scalp and hair from within. Bhringaraj oil can be used best with other carrier oils such as sesame or coconut oil. Bhringraj (Eclipta alba) is a common Ayurvedic herb whose base extract is used in several Ayurvedic formulations. It grows in India, Brazil, Thailand, and China. It is also used to cure certain ailments.  

Having listed all these clinically researched Ayurvedic ingredients, we understand that it takes immense patience to source each of them individually. Therefore, we would rather recommend a single product containing all the above listed ingredients and more, perfect for each hair type.    

My Good Hair: The Ultimate in Ayurvedic Hair Care 

My Good Hair is the epitome of Ayurveda for healthy, shiny, and beautiful hair. It stands unrivalled with its unique, research approved, Ayurvedic blend of 28 herbs and 7 essential oils for correcting all types of doshas triggered by umpteen reasons. The My Good Hair combination of shampoo, hair conditioner and hair oil are the ultimate product for Ayurvedic hair care routine. It is especially known to control dandruff, hair fall, frizz and other forms of damage.  

When it comes to Ayurvedic hair care, trust only My Good Hair.  

Final Words 

Ayurveda has a plethora of therapies and cures for all types of hair problems. It takes a conservative approach to addressing the underlying cause of your unique hair issue. To be safe, you must first identify your hair type so that you can choose the appropriate medication, cosmetics, and diet for healthier, shinier hair. 

Or you can rely on My Good Hair to deliver long-lasting solutions for your hair care problems. My Good Hair enables you to create a high-quality Ayurvedic hair care routine for you that includes a shampoo, hair oil and conditioner for unbeatable results. Each of these products in the My Good Hair combination work in tandem to target your scalp’s rising Dosha, thereby maintaining the perfect nutritional balance.