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2021 Ayurvedic hair care routine you need to follow

Ayurveda is an ancient practice that teaches us to remain balanced and vibrant to align us with the rhythms of this beautiful nature. The way we nurture our body, mind, and soul with the help of ayurvedic tradition, works on finding and uprooting the root cause of the problem.  

When it comes to hair care routine, it is better to take an ayurvedic approach for long lustrous, and healthy hair. Ayurveda determines the quality of nourishment and strength received by organs and tissues of the body, including the hair.  

Connection of Ayurveda and your hair  

Incorporating ayurvedic elements in your daily hair care routine can help you optimize the health of your hair. The idea is to expand and understand the Ayurvedic approach and give a practical approach to sustain the strength, volume, lustre, and shine of your locks.  

Ayurveda says that your hair is the by product of the bone tissue, just like your teeth and nails. All these issues are intimately connected. Your hair is linked to the nervous system and your gut, so the health of the tissues determines the look of your hair.   

Similar is the case with nutrition, the abundance of vitamins and minerals makes your hair strong from the inside and shiny from the outside. This is where Ayurvedic superficial treatments boost the growth hormones of your hair.  

Here’s what you need to know about Ayurvedic Hair Care Tips for healthy hair  

  • Say a big NO to the Chemical-based products. 

    First and foremost, eliminate all the chemical-based hair care products and invest in ayurvedic or natural products. Believe it or not, the shampoo and conditioners you use contain harmful chemicals such as Ammonium Chloride, Ammonium Lauryl Sulphate, Glycol, and Sodium Sulphate.   

    These chemicals might give a temporary solution to your frizzy or damaged hair but ruin them in the long run.   

    Chemical products might harm11 the tissues and cells of your hair and might damage them permanently. It is better to stay on the safer side by eliminating these damaging products. Using natural products containing BhringarajTriphala, Brahmi, and various others can elevate your hair growth.   

    • Regularly hydrate your hair and moisturize your hair with quality products.  

      Dermatologists recommend that you should oil your hair at least once a week to sustain the health of your hair. Massaging the scalp and follicles of the hair with ayurvedic hair oil can provide deep conditioning and the required amount of nourishment to your hair. The natural ingredients in your hair oil rejuvenate your hair, making it strong and lustrous. Regular oiling can detoxify your scalp and hair naturally and cleanse the roots of your hair organically.  

      • Protect your hair from heat, they are not meant to be treated harshly.  

        Regularly styling your hair with heated objects such as a curler, blow dryer, and straightener can harm your hair strands permanently. Heat in those styling tools can strip natural oils from your hair follicles. It is not recommended that you wash your hair with hot water. It can also harm your hair strands. Even if you opt for occasional hair styling, use ayurvedic serums and conditioners to protect your hair from further damage.  

        In this era of dust and pollution, it is very important to keep your scalp and hair strands clean. The dust and pollutants get stuck on your scalp and clog your hair follicles, resulting in severe itching and dandruff. It is important to cleanse your scalp with herbal products at least twice a week. It is not only hygienic but also keeps you free from the stress of scalp flaking.   

        Incorporating ayurvedic cleansers in your daily hair care routine can help you to get rid of various hair problems such as dandruff, hair fall, split ends, untimely grey hair, and hair patches.   

        To Sum Up   

        Think healthy for your hair and provide constant care and love it needs and craves. Ayurveda has a special property of dealing with everything organically. These aforementioned points can help you to repair your damaged hair naturally and organically. However, the combination of your inner strength and Ayurveda can present you with gorgeous, healthy, and silky hair.   

        The best part of using Ayurvedic products is that you won’t have to worry about the side effects anymore. If you still experience anything disturbing, it is better to consult a doctor.  

        What are you waiting for? Get your Ayurvedic hair care products TODAY!