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Amazing benefits of using almond oil for hair

How many times have you felt overwhelmed watching those broken strands in the shower or on your brush? Undoubtedly, several treatments can help you deal with hair loss or help you maintain your health. But what you don’t know is that not all hair treatments work for everyone.   

This is because every single body is different and reacts differently to hair treatments. But one thing is for sure, if you want to maintain the health and shine of those locks, you need to ditch those chemical-based products. Such products might provide short term solutions to your hair problems, but damage them in the long run.   

So, what’s the solution? Since you can’t use these harmful products then what can help you achieve your hair goals? The answer to this burning question is, use almond oil. Yes, you read that right.   

Using almond oil in your hair care routine is the best way to deal with all the hair problems. As you all know that almond is known as “the king of nuts”. This is because it contains tons of healthy fats, minerals, phytochemicals, vitamins. And is a powerhouse of nutrition.  

But how can almond oil solve all your hair problems? If you want to know the answer keep scrolling for some mind-blowing benefits of almond oil for hair.  

Let’s get started!  

  • Almond oil boosts hair growth  

Biotin is one of the most essential nutrients found in almond oil. It is also known as Vitamin (H). According to dermatologists across the world, Vitamin H is a derivative of Vitamin B. It is generally prescribed to people who are suffering from huge hair loss or thinning of hair.  

As mentioned earlier, this oil contains Biotin in its purest form. And massaging Almond oil regularly is an effective way to deal with excessive hair loss. To promote hair growth, many people take Biotin supplements. But similar benefits are provided by Almond oil as well. So, it’s better to massage the oil once or twice a week for better results. Once you start using this oil, you’ll notice that your hair has more volume and a definite reduction in hair loss. Also, the antioxidants present in the oil helps in achieving frizz-free hair, which is a dream of many people out there. Right?  

  • Almond oil avoids dry scalp  

A recent survey confirms that nearly 85% of people are dealing with itching, flaking, or dandruff. That’s disturbing!   

But what is the cause of this hair problem? In medical terms, there are build up dead cells in your scalp. These dead cells not only result in flaking, itching, or dandruff but also promotes hair fall and inhibit the growth of healthy hair. And that’s not good news!  

But, as is said, with problems come the solutions! Almond oil is extremely hydrating and nourishing for your body cells. And when you start massaging your hair follicles with almond oil, the dead cells start losing their grip from the scalp. Thus, almond oil works miraculously on the dry scalp.  

Fun fact: The best part of using Almond oil for the scalp is that it helps in preventing and treats various dry scalp conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis and scalp psoriasis.  

And if you are wondering “can I leave almond oil in my hair overnight?” Then the answer is yes, you can leave it overnight for best results.   

  • Almond oil strengthens and repairs damaged hair.  

Did you know that there are lubricating properties in almond oil? Yes, this amazing property of almond oil is known for making your hair less prone to damage and avoids breakage. Dermatologists confirm that there is oleic and linoleic acid present in the oil that helps in improving the resilience of the hair.   

Almond oil is also rich in Vitamin E which is an antioxidant that combats environmental stress in the hair strands and follicles. It seals the moisture in the scalp and strands and retains the health of your hair.  

Wrapping Up!  

Everyone dreams of having long, lustrous, and healthy hair, but some external factors boost the aging process of your hair. So, use quality products, massage regularly with almond hair oil, eat healthily, and practice a systematic hair routine and flaunt the picture-perfect beauty of your hair. Because your hair is an essential part of your confident and charming personality!