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5 Types of Food To Avoid For Healthy & Shiny Hair

Believe it or not, hair is the most important thing for appearance and beauty, right? We all, at some moment, wish to have that perfectly healthy, strong and lustrous hair. The best part is that it is not gender-related, be it men or women; everyone wants to have great hair. 

But somehow, we fail to understand that beautiful hair is not about using expensive hair care products, but there are many things that need to be done to have perfectly healthy hair. Just like skin needs nourishment similarly, hair does need some care. 

One of the things is food choices; yes, you read it right! The food we eat makes or breaks the quality of our hair. Shocking! We know that pollution and stress are some of the reasons for hair loss and damage, but there are certain food items that contribute a lot to this.

Let's take a look at foods that you must say no to for the sake of your hair.


Yes, this gorgeous-looking white substance is as bad for your hair as it is for your complete health. Studies have depicted that sugar can lead to obesity, diabetes as well as contributes a lot to hair loss. And you will be surprised to know that it can lead to balding in women and men. The most important factor in insulin resistance is a higher intake of starches, sugar, and refined carbohydrates. So when you ask the question, What Food is bad for your hair? The answer is sugar. 

High-Glycemic Index Foods

An insulin spike is caused by high glycemic index foods. This includes foods like sugar, bread, and refined flour. These foods welcome the hormonal imbalance and raise the insulin level in the body. Thus androgens that link to hair follicles lead to hair fall and damage. 


Mainly hair is made of proteins known as keratin. Now keratin offers structure to the hair. Alcohol negatively impacts protein synthesis and leads to hair weakening and thinning. Additionally, consumption of alcohol in too much quantity can build nutritional imbalances and lead to follicle death. 

Diet Soda

This food item, or you can say beverage, is strictly asked to be avoided for physical health as well as hair, but why? Because it contains aspartame that damages the hair follicles. In case you are facing a tremendous hair loss problem lately, it's best to avoid diet soda. 

Junk Food 

Junk foods are another very risky food item to intake. As they contain monounsaturated as well as saturated fats, thus it not only welcomes obesity but even contributes to cardiovascular disorders. It even initiates the hair loss process. Oily food and too many fatty substances can make your scalp greasy and lead to miniaturization and clogging of pores for hair follicles. So instead of eating junk food, switch to food for healthy hair and experience your hair health and body change. 

Raw Eggs Whites

Eggs are very good for health and hair, but when consumed raw then it can cause deficiency. Yes, you read it right; the raw egg whites can be the reason for biotin deficiency, which is the vitamin that assists in the development of keratin. In raw white eggs, the presence of avidin combines with biotin and hampers its intestinal absorption.

Wrapping up 

When you talk about a healthy lifestyle that includes physical and mental health, maintaining this lifestyle may include a variety of changes and modifications like eating habits, nutrients intake, exercise, and sleeping habits. The overall routine contributes a lot when it comes to making your body, brains, hair, and skin healthy. So the answer to the question What type of food is not good for Hair? is mentioned above. Make sure you try to avoid or minimize the intake of such food items to make your hair healthy and shiny.