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5 successful tips to maintain healthy hair in 2021

Maintaining healthy hair is not less than a challenge. We all want healthy and strong hair. Genetics, diet and your approach to hair care, play a very important role in maintain your crowning glory.  

Do you spend a fortune on shampoos and other hair care products and see no results? Isn’t it frustrating that after spending so much you do not get desired outcome?  First of all, don’t get manipulated by some over exaggerated advertisements. 

Once you go and purchase a hair care product, it is very important to look for a product that suits your hair type. If you are experiencing dandruff, look for the product that has ingredients like bhringaraj, Argan Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Jatamansi,  Tulsi etc and will contribute in solving your hair problems. Do not blind purchase the products, because you might end up using wrong product for wrong problems, again results will be zero. Target your problems and look for efficient products. You can also go for shampoos and conditioners containing natural ingredients. 

Look what is best for your health and what is not. Over styling and using chemical based products can harm your precious hair. With high scheduled daily routine, it is hard to focus on the health of your hair and it is normal.  

Here are some tips on maintaining healthy hair 

1. Wash regularly, because cleanliness is important. 

Increasing rate in pollution and dust is the major reason why your hair looks dull. No matter how busy you are, you must wash your hair with appropriate products, preferably ayurvedic products. Washing your hair regularly with appropriate products will contribute in cleaning your hair, making it look shiny and lustrous. You must wash your hair at least twice a week.   

2. Condition your hair after every wash 

Most people ignore this part. It is clinically proven that shampoo alone cannot benefit your hair. You must apply a good quality conditioner at the strands of your hair and let the magic begin. It is known that after conditioning the hair appears to be stronger and lustrous than before. Also, look for a conditioner to match your hair type. Ayurvedic conditioners can also help you to maintain the health of your hair.  

3. Include proteins in your diet 

No matter how much expensive hair care products you purchase or extensive hair care routine you follow. If you won’t eat proteins, vitamins and minerals, you won’t heal from inside. Nutritious food for hair includes, citrus fruits such as orange and amla, pulses, green vegetables to keep your hair naturally strong and healthy. Nutrients in your food activates the good hormones and solves all your hair problems. 

4. Do not use styling tools regularly 

The heat generated from styling tools damages your hair and sucks all the moisture from your hair. Your hair is meant to be loved and not to be tortured with those hot straighteners and rollers. When you use styling tools your hair requires some time to heal. Do not torture your hair with hot styling tools and pamper them with love and care. In fact, you must also avoid unnecessary coloring your hair. The chemicals presented in those harmful hair colors can also damage your hair from the roots.      

5. Use a hair mask made with natural ingredients 

People often tend to forget that hair mask is equally important as your face mask. Hair mask made from natural ingredients such as honey, egg and yoghurt can keep your hair hydrated naturally. It is recommended that people with dull and rough hair should use a hair mask once a week to maintain the health of your hair and avoid hair fall. 


Using the right hair care routine and quality products can enhance the quality of your hair. Avoid the situations that can harm your hair. Avoid chemicals and pamper your hair. Don’t experiment with different products, instead look for what you have been missing all along.