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Worried about Hair Fall? Let’s address all your concerns related to Hair Fall by Experts

We have always wanted our hair to be perfectly strong with an appealing shine and negligible hair fall. However, there are times when we end up doing something that is not suitable for our hair. It is certainly because of our lack of knowledge of what needs to be done and what needs to be avoided.   

We always have had infinite questions regarding our hair. Well, this article ensures to give all possible answers to some of the frequently asked questions. Let us get started. 

How much hair loss is normal on a daily basis?  

It is a fact that there are about 100,000 hair follicles or even more in a person's scalp, therefore, losing about 70-100 strands is normal. In fact, according to the American Academy of Dermatologists, it is completely fine to lose about 50-100 strands per day. 

What causes hair fall?  

There could be many reasons for hair fall such as hormonal changes, excessive stress, hereditary, any medical conditions etc. However, all of such reasons are relatively common. Apart from this, if you tend to use chemically-induced hair products, that too, to some huge level, then, you may lose more than expected strands per day. An acute deficiency of nutrients can also be one of the main reasons for hair fall.   

Can you tell us more about male baldness?  

Male baldness refers to the loss of hair on the scalp in men. It is mainly thought to affect half of all men by the age of 50 years. It primarily happens due to change in men's hormonal levels. Of course, everybody faces the issue of hair loss, but, it is evidently more common in men.  

Does hair fall always lead to baldness? 

There is a possibility of a receding hairline but it does not necessarily lead to baldness. Baldness occurs due to hair fall. However, hair fall may not surely end up in getting you bald.  

Please tell us which foods are best for hair and why? 

You can not reverse the natural factors causing hair loss, but, can make some changes in your diet.  

Eggs are a great source of protein and promote hair growth. Spinach is loaded with iron, vitamin A and C and folate. In addition to this, foods such as avocado, nuts, sweet potato, fish, berries etc. are good for preventing hair fall and keep our hair healthy. 

Does pregnancy cause hair fall? 

We all are aware of the fact that women undergo various hormonal changes during pregnancy, so, there might be a case when she has to face hair fall during this time. Hair loss during this condition is not serious and it starts to lessen within about 4 months after the delivery.  

Which natural Ayurvedic remedies can prevent hair fall? 

You can mix amla powder and lemon juice in a bowl and apply it to your scalp. Wash it off after an hour or so. Well, similarly, you can use some Ayurvedic products such as bhringrajshikakaireetha, aloe Vera, etc. and can get them mixed with certain other products such as coconut oil, yoghurt, egg yolk etc. to help you prevent your hair from hair loss. Or you can use Good Hair Ayurvedic Hair Oil Which is formulated with 28 Herbs & 7 Essentials oils helps promote Hair Growth, Anti-Dandruff, Anti-Hair Fall, Provides strength and Shine to the hair. 

Does using a blow dryer cause more hair fall? 

If you regularly tend to use a blow dryer, then, there is a chance for you to experience hair fall. When dry heat is applied to the hair on a daily basis, it weakens the hair shaft. Adding to this, hair dyes and styling can also cause hair fall. Dyes are the chemicals which cannot be considered good for the hair in any case. 

What is alopecia? 

Alopecia is an auto-immune disorder that results in your hair coming out. If a person happens to have alopecia, the cells in his immune system tend to surround and attack the hair follicles. 

Can brushing make hair stronger or resistant to hair loss? 

Yes, brushing is a good way to spread the natural oils throughout the scalp.  It makes the hair less dryIt encourages blood flow and hair growth. Furthermore, many believe that regular trimming improves hair fall. Well, cutting hair can remove split ends and give way to less breakage. However, it is not certainly evident that it can improve hair fall. 

Can towel drying your head cause hair fall?  

Vigorous rubbing of your wet hair can still lead hair to fall out. However, towel drying can never be one of the main reasons for hair fall. 

So, with this, get away with all your hair-related myths and do what’s best for your hair. 

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